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  • Vigadó tér, Dock 8A
  • Vigadó tér, Dock 8A
  • 1 hour


Budapest Sightseeing Tour by Luxury Boat

You should not miss a boat trip on the Danube while visiting Budapest. Have a look at the beautiful Budapest view either during the day or at night.

It is a fact that Budapest has the best scenery from the Danube. Thanks to its perfect geographical location, you are able to enjoy the close nature of Buda hills and the hectic city life at the same time while rocking on the waves of the river. 


The tour is Audio guided.


Capacity: max. 10 persons.

Budapest boat trips

Budapest is unique since there is not another beautifully lit capital in Europe where you can enjoy the sights from the river in the middle of the city. “…Have you ever seen Budapest at night?” asks a great song from the ‘60s. The brightly lit capital from a silent water limousine will be an unforgettable experience for both tourists and locals. Spend a day for a boat trip in Budapest with your partner, your friend, your family or some guests. You needn’t worry, you will not miss a sight this way. You are able to take photos of yourself with the Houses of Parliament, the Royal Castle, the Gellért hill or some famous universities in the background. Have a closer look at the famous bridges of the Danube, the developing cultural center with the National Theatre and the Palace of Arts in the middle. If you feel like having a short walk during the boat trip, do not hesitate, you only need to decide where to land. You can choose from many ports such as, the Margaret island – the green oasis of Budapest, Batthyány square – the neighborhood of the Castle district or Cet – the developing center of culture and leisure time.

General conditions

  • Smoking is not allowed on board
  • Use the service only with own responsibility
  • In case of intemperate weather, please contact us to ensure the departure
  • In case of any damage, the costs are incumbent on the customer


You don’t just rent a boat, you rent a feeling!